Reasons To Remodel During The Summer  

The spring and fall are usually busy times for contractors and designers, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best time to remodel. Remodeling in the summer is often-overlooked and has its benefits, so we’re giving you a few reasons to renovate this season.

Get the Best Deals:
Early summer is typically when companies unveil new appliances and put the previous season’s models on sale. That makes May and June the time to buy. There’s also plenty of upcoming holidays that are perfect for finding discounts, including Memorial Day, ]Father’s Day and July 4th,  so you’re sure to score a deal that matches your budget.

Open Schedules:
The school year is a trying time for families. Imagine meeting with contractors while juggling PTA meetings, baseball practice and the many other activities your children are involved in. Planning a remodel in the summer frees up everyone’s schedule and allows you to focus on one task at a time. Another option is going on vacation during your remodel — just make sure you hire a contractor with great references.

Long Days and Lots of Light:
Extended daylight hours during the summer help remodelers complete more work in a day. The bright days also fill your home with natural light well into the evening, which is perfect for choosing paint, floor, cabinet and appliance colors.

Better Weather Conditions:
Spring showers aren’t as good for contractors as they are for your yard. Even without constant rain, the ground dries slowly in cooler temperatures and mud accumulates. During the dr summer months, remodelers can work unimpeded by bad weather. That gets your project completed faster and you won’t need to remind the crew about wiping their feet before entering the house.

Fire Up the Grill:
Remodeling a kitchen is hard on your family routine. Being without a sink and appliances makes dinnertime a challenge and eating out costs money. Fortunately, summertime is grilling season! Spend some time outdoors in your temporary kitchen and become the grill master you always wanted to be.

If you’re ready to start planning your kitchen or bathroom renovation this summer, give us a call at (704) 844-6757, or use our online contact form and let’s talk about your space.