Keeping the Love in Your Remodel

Remodeling is challenging under even the best circumstances–but what happens when you and your partner disagree on everything? 

If planning for your kitchen or bathroom project has hit a rocky patch, we’re here to bring you back together again.  Here are a few hints to guide couples who are negotiating tough remodeling decisions together. 

  1. Look at the Big Picture First
    It’s important to start from a positive, we’re-in-this-together place. Do it by sitting down to share your respective goals and inspiration. Write down what you each envision and make sure you have a solid understanding of the other’s likes. This will be something you can return to if you disagree.  Some prompts:
  • How do you want our new space to make you feel when spending time there?
  • What activities do you see happening there?
  • How do you see us using this space now and in a few years? 
  1. Identify Top Priorities
    Create your personal list of top priorities. Each person’s list should contain no more than three to five priorities. Star one item as the No. 1 priority. If you come to a disagreement in your remodel, without either one of you budging, refer to this list for help deciding where you can and cannot compromise. If you respect your partner’s priorities, they will likely respect yours too.

    3. Get on the Same Page About Budget
    It’s well known that arguments around money are the biggest source of conflict in relationships. That’s why it’s important to get on the same page about budget as early as possible. Have an honest and thoughtful conversation with your partner about what you both feel is an appropriate amount to spend on the project. Do research, compare materials and talk to experts to develop a good range for the project.

    4. Call a Professional
    Have you reached a messy place in your remodel? We don’t mean dirt and debris, but a difficult hang-up where agreement seems downright impossible. Good home design professionals like Detailed Interiors’ Steve Matela can’t solve all your problems, but they can help tremendously. Design professionals like ours, bring their expertise and creative problem-solving abilities to every project in order to help navigate those tricky places in any project. 

Detailed Interiors knows how to make remodeling an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. If you’re frustrated with aspects of your home and ready to take the next steps, fill out this form or contact us at  (704) 844-6757