Home Hurdles You Can’t Ignore 

The winter holiday is always welcome. Whether you enjoy cooking with the family, gathering in the dining room for a big meal or entertaining family and friends, the holidays are the perfect time to do it. A holiday break means extended time with everyone home. It also means, you might rediscover hurdles around your home that are easy to ignore when you’re always gone. 

It’s impossible to cook a big meal if you don’t have the counter space to do so, aggravating to share a single bathroom with the whole family and embarrassing when relatives have to sleep on the couch. These frustrations are enough to ruin the holiday altogether! 

At Detailed Interiors, we believe homeowners shouldn’t feel limited by their home. Here are a few of the most common factors we hear for starting a remodel. If any of these seem familiar, it may be time for a change. 

1.  Expand Kitchen Space

A kitchen update is one of the most popular remodeling projects because it’s the most used room in any home.

In older homes, kitchens were generally designed for a solo person who did most of the cooking and cleaning. Kitchens were small, efficient spaces, while family meals were served in an adjacent dining room. That’s no longer the case. Modern appliances, new technology and casual lifestyles have completely changed the kitchen function. They are now a social gathering place for the family and a center for entertaining, especially during the holidays. 

2.  Add a Master Suite

Do you have a bathroom that stays constantly busy? No one wants to feel time and family pressure when taking a shower or getting ready, and it only gets worse if you have company. 

Sharing a bathroom is never easy, creating a messy and frustrating living situation. That’s why adding a master bedroom and bath suite is a popular project for homeowners who otherwise love their home.

The benefits of a master suite or customized additional bathroom are reason enough to add one to an existing home or a new build. If it’s a home that might be resold, updated and additional bathrooms add enormous value to the property. On the other hand, if it’s a forever home, you have the option to increase functionality for older generations who appreciate a walk-in shower or handrails.

  1. Create More Space for an Expanding Household

A growing family or a multi-generational household is likely to need more space. It’s easy enough to tolerate when a busy family is rarely home, but cramming in with relatives during the holidays makes it apparent once again. No one should feel like a sardine in their own home. 

If your family is expecting to get larger for whatever reason, then adding more space is necessary. 

4.  Area for Entertaining

Do you enjoy entertaining? Taking pleasure in hosting friends and family for a social gathering is part of a happy and healthy lifestyle for many people. If you’re one of them, then having a home where people can comfortably come together is likely a priority. 

It’s impossible to entertain in a home built with closed-off rooms or without a dining area. Fortunately, there are solutions. An addition can reconfigure your current space to accommodate media equipment and games in a new family room, or a dining area with maximum seating for your extended family and friends. Building a new custom home allows you to create your dream space: totally open rooms that allow guests and family to move seamlessly between rooms, while providing the privacy you all desire.

At Detailed Interiors, we believe that your home should work with your lifestyle, not against it. If you’re frustrated with aspects of your home and wondering if an addition or new build can finally give you what you’re looking for, fill out this form or contact us at (704) 201-8652.