Bringing the Outdoors In 

As everyone is spending more time indoors, homeowners are looking for ways to bring the springtime weather inside. Unfortunately. new decorations, open windows and decluttered bookshelves only do so much. If your ultimate goal is a home that truly blurs the barrier between the indoors and out, it likely requires renovations. 

If that’s your goal, Detailed Interiors can help. Do you envision a sunlight drenched, open-space kitchen with the perfect view of your backyard? Here’s how Master Carpenter, Steve Matela can get you there. 

Windows and Doors 

Welcoming more natural light into a room is the easiest way to create the perception of open space. It’s an especially convenient solution for homeowners who want to work with what they already have. Strategically placed windows capture a perfect view outside while welcoming more sunlight and nature inside. Our designers can assess your room and rearrange an existing cabinet layout to open wall space for the addition of new windows or doors. 

Cabinet Finish: 

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural elements and finishes into your home’s surfaces. Look to your cabinets for a fresh, natural look by opting for a light wood or bare finish. These natural tones still hold up over time and create a cohesive design that quickly changes the look of an entire space. 

Unique Features: 

Working with a design team like Detailed Interiors makes having beautiful custom features in your home a possibility! Instead of standard elements that come in a box, we listen to your needs and desires and find unique ways to help achieve that vision. Whether it means natural-wood open shelving or leaving space for a custom bar in your seating area, we can accommodate. 

Don’t spend another spring rearranging furniture or cleaning your home, hoping to create the open space you dream of. If you’re ready for a home that finally brings the outdoors in, give us a call. 

Browse our gallery for inspiration and contact us today to learn more about how we can make your dream home come to life.