Home Remodeling Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

We’ve all heard at least one tale of a home remodel gone wrong. Sometimes they’re hard to believe, but the stories of exceeded budgets and jobs that take years longer than expected aren’t just legend. With so many homeowners attempting to cut costs by DIY-ing or by hiring an inexperienced service, the stories will undoubtedly keep coming.

At Detailed Interiors, we understand how frightening it is to undertake a remodel. Our best suggestion to avoid these problems is simple. Hire an experienced professional. While many homeowners are most afraid of the investment, the true horror story is what happens if you don’t. Below, we address many of the common fears that homeowners have about their home remodel and how hiring a professional prevents them from happening.

“What if it doesn’t look like I wanted it to?”

Turning a dream home into reality requires experience. Even an HGTV pro won’t know all the details that go into a renovation, leading to an underwhelming final product.  At Detailed Interiors, we’ve spent years perfecting our methods. We know exactly what questions to ask and how to communicate properly so that everyone remains on the same page. It’s how we turn a dream home into a reality. Want to know what our completed projects look like? Take a look at our large gallery of work!

“What if it goes over budget?”

This is by far the biggest fear of home improvement projects. But, it doesn’t have to be. Choosing to complete the project yourself or going with the lowest bid, always leads to renovation riddled with avoidable mishaps adding excess cost (and new problems to fix). When you hire a service like Detailed Interiors, your wallet won’t fall victim to these issues.

With over twenty years of experience, Steve Matela’s skills as Master Carpenter prevents budget surprises. Together, we create a cost range with clients. We then prioritize special features and find budget-appropriate materials and appliances.

“Will it stay within the timeline?”

It’s all too common for a remodel to take longer than expected. At Detailed Interiors, we pride ourselves on adhering to proposed timelines.  Any fly by night operation is likely to spend more time than expected due to disorganization, lack of preparation and an unmotivated team.

A professional service prioritizes time constraints, not only for their client but for themselves. It’s impossible to run a successful business if a company is constantly exceeding the amount of time allocated for a project. Our design team closely collaborates with clients and vendors to ensure needed materials are delivered at the correct time and that the job finishes in a timely manner.

Indeed, a home renovation project can be frightening, and we’re not talking about skeletons in the closet. Avoid common problems and rest easy, by hiring a professional drafting service to design your new home or addition. Contact us today to learn how Detailed Interiors’ renovations turn your home into fantasy (and not a ghost house).