Creating the Social Kitchen of Your Dreams

With the holiday season upon us,  families start prepping their homes for holiday parties and events, once again. Garland is hung, tables are set and the fine dinnerware comes out to create a welcoming space for people to gather. Unfortunately, decorations can only do so much. Many homeowners have to work around the closed-off and boxy house layouts that were popular in past design trends.

In recent years, kitchens have gone from secluded spaces to the front and center. That’s because families are getting larger, entertaining is easier than ever and food preparation has become part of the event itself. If your kitchen or any part of your home feels closed-off, it’s probably because your home lacks one or more of the important elements below. If so, Detailed Interiors can help. Our team specializes in making spaces that are perfect for growing families and a more social environment.

The Key Elements of a Social Kitchen

Open Floor Plan

Merge the kitchen with the rest of your home by establishing an open layout. It creates an easier traffic flow and allows the cook to become part of the group. There are countless ways to achieve this, even in a home built without openness in mind. Solutions range from creating an entirely new floor plan by removing walls and existing cabinetry to simply widening doorways. It all depends on the home.

Kitchen Island

Getting family and visitors in the kitchen is one thing, making it a comfortable place to stay is another. That’s why kitchen islands are so coveted. They create a focal point in the room where people can gather and stay out of the way. Make an island more inviting, by adding a beverage station for guests to serve themselves and seating to get comfortable. Kitchen islands quickly become a multipurpose area, allowing visitors to help prepare food or kids to settle in and entertain themselves while still being part of the family.

High-quality Items

The amount of foot traffic in a social kitchen requires it to be made with quality materials. When choosing products, look for durability. That includes your cabinetry, appliances, countertops and flooring. These are some of the biggest expenditures in a kitchen remodel but choosing correctly means the long-term use of a beautiful space.

Do you want to create an inviting living space for the holiday season next year? Detailed Interiors’ Master Carpenter, Steve Matela has over twenty years of experience doing just that. Take a look at our Houzz profile to get inspiration and see past projects. Or, contact us today to learn more about our services.