Find Your Remodel Style 

When homeowners first start thinking about a remodeling project, it usually involves spending endless hours collecting inspirational photos, articles and plans to find what they like. However, collecting too many ideas can cause more confusion. We know that the toughest part of the design process is honing in on exactly what your dream remodel looks like. Here are a few steps to take during the information gathering process that will make it easier to narrow down your style –

Collect images. Start a Pintererst page or Houzz ideabook and bookmark any images that appeal to you. You may find that some inspiration images apply more to a future home or weekend getaway, but don’t skip over them just because they don’t relate to this project, save them for later.

Don’t edit, yet. Don’t make yourself nuts by editing as you collect. Save images with reckless abandon first and narrow it down later. Making yourself choose favorites while you gather inspiration stifles creativity.

Organize It. It’s ok to be messy with your photos but start organizing once you accumulate a solid collection. When categories like “Seating” or “Colors” start to emerge, patterns will reveal themselves. Maybe you’ve collected nothing but images of kitchens with dark wood floors or marble countertops.

Edit Your Selections. Go back through your categories and see what you respond the most to. Ruthless editing at this point will clarify your desires. With enough time between gathering and editing, it will be like looking at the images for the first time. You’ll see a room and say “Why on earth did I save that photo?” If you can’t remember and it doesn’t speak to you any longer, ditch it. You’ll be left with a collection that reflects exactly what you want.

Start looking for a pro. Homeowners who have extra difficulty with design, or don’t have the time, might hire a professional right out of the gate. Others will narrow down their tastes first and hire according to that. Either way, it’s a good idea to have a professional involved in the design. They can assess the room or home and tell you what is possible and give an idea how much your ideas will cost to implement.

Realizing your dream home is a difficult process. Master Remodeler Steve Matela helps Charlotte area homeowners with all phases of their projects, from design to completion. With over twenty years of experience, he knows how to listen and interpret his clients desires. For a home that represents exactly what you’re looking for, contact us today about your upcoming renovation.